Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I get a replacement cap for my Aquaroll?

If your Aquaroll has a cap which measures 58mm in diameter your Aquaroll was manufactured before 1992.

How do I clean my Aquaroll?

We recommend that you only use bicarbonate soda to clean your Aquaroll. Add four heaped teaspoons into the empty Aquaroll. Then fill with fresh water, swill around and leave for 24 hours. After 24 hours empty the container and swill with fresh water.

WARNING Using other solutions and chemicals can damage your Aquaroll and also contaminate your drinking water supply.

My Mains Adaptor ball valve does not work?

Have you tried holding the arm up for 10 seconds as the device cuts off as the water pressure builds up behind the equilibrium valve. If you have tried this, there is a video on our website which shows you how to take apart the Mains Adaptor, clean and reassemble it. It can take 3 – 10 seconds to shut off depending on the water pressure where you are.

Take a look at our how to video here. Click here 

Is bubble wrap any use on an Aquaroll in winter?

In very cold weather bubble wrap would be of little use for insulating the Aquaroll.

How can I tell when my Aquaroll or Wastemaster was made?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The easiest way to find this out when your item was manufactured is to look at the bottom of your Wastemaster and the side of your Aquaroll to find the date stamp. The date stamp is moulded onto our Aquaroll and Wastemasters and this states the date when your item was made in our Shropshire factory.

The large numbers in the centre of the stamp shows the year eg: 15 would be 2015, and the outer ring of numbers shows the calendar months, and the arrow in the centre of the date points to the month it was made.

Take a look at your Aquaroll and Wastemaster to check their date of manufacture. 

Do you sell insulated Aquaroll covers?

Unfortunately we don’t offer an official insulated Aquaroll cover, however, there are other companies who sell insulated bags suitable for the Aquaroll.

We are looking into producing our own thermal bag and pump protector for the future.

What are the three holes used for on the Wastemaster?

The bottom hole is a result of the blow mould process and use of a blow pin. We advise that this bottom cap is always left close. When you empty your Wastemaster we suggest you loosen the top cap, allowing air entry. Open the middle cap completely to release the waste water, when doing so ensure that the middle cap is inserted into the cavity on the Wastemaster to keep it out of the way.

Do you need to use a pump with the Aquaroll?

If you are using your Aquaroll with your Caravan or Motorhome you will need to use it in conjunction with a pump. If camping you will need to use it in conjunction with a stand and tap; you do not require the pump.

Can I buy a replacement part for the Aquaroll?

If your Aquaroll is properly maintained you should expect at least 10 years usage, but you may need to replace components such as caps / handle etc. Replacement parts can all be purchased via our website or all good caravan and camping stockists.

There are no fitting instructions for the pump connector

To fit the pump connector simply stand the Aquaroll upright, remove the cap and screw the pump connector into place.

Do you push or pull the Aquaroll?

We would only recommend pulling the Aquaroll.

What do I need to connect my Aquaroll on a serviced pitch?

The Aquaroll comes with all of the necessary items for immediate use when you get to your destination.

About Our Products

Founded in 1953, F L Hitchman is one of the longest established UK manufacturers of caravan accessories, with 70 years experience in product design and production. During this period our flagship products, the Aquaroll and Wastemaster, have become iconic and essential parts of caravanning and motorhoming life.   

The Aquaroll and Wastemaster  are manufactured to the highest standard using food grade materials at our factory based in Shropshire. Our skilled staff use traditional and innovative methods to ensure the company remains the leading manufacturer of rolling water carriers in the UK. 

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