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The Aquaroll Mains Adaptor provides you with a safe and reliable way to maintain a constant supply of water to your caravan.

The Mains Adaptor allows you to connect easily to the mains water supply on any super pitch. It can also be used with any caravan.

There are no expensive alterations as it fits easily to your existing Aquaroll to maintain the water supply to your caravan. Using this system gives you the piece of mind that mains water pressure will never flow directly into your caravan.

Main Features
• Easy to setup
• No tools required
• On-demand water supply
• No risk of flooding your caravan
• Food grade reinforced hose  – no nasty water tastes
• No need to manually fill your Aquaroll

Each Mains Adaptor is supplied with a 7.5m hose.Depending on the water pressure in your area the Mains Adaptor can take up to 7-8 seconds to shut off. It is suitable for both 29/40 litre Aquarolls manufactured after 1992. Aquaroll not supplied.

User Instructions
• Stand the Aquaroll on its base and screw the Mains Adaptor in the filling hole on the side of the Aquaroll.

• Connect hose to site tap using the screw thread end of the hose.

• Connect the hose the Mains Adaptor using the snap-on connection.

• Only test the Mains Adaptor whilst it is screwed onto the side of the Aquaroll. Depending on the water pressure the Mains Adaptor can take 8-10 seconds to shut off.

• Connect pump to caravan and insert tube into the top filling hole of the Aquaroll.

• When dismantling turn off site tap and disconnect.

For information on how to setup and service your Aquaroll Mains Adaptor please watch our product support videos.



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