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The Wastemaster ECONOMY allows for the convenient disposal rather than allowing waste water to flow around your pitch and onto the site.

The new Wastemaster ECONOMY is manufactured in the UK from recycled, polymer material, has thinner container walls compared to ORIGINAL PREMIUM Wastemaster.

We are very confident of the quality of our product we are offering a FREE 2-year Container Guarantee for all FL Hitchman Wastemaster ECONOMY products. Product registration must be completed at the time of purchase – Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

* The Wastemaster ECONOMY is not sold with a toilet cassette. *

Dimentions: 355mm x 1000mm x 160mm


Please see below the main differences between the two ranges. 

Original Premium Wastemaster Economy Wastemaster
  • Finest Quality, Virgin Polymer Material
  • Recycled, polymer material
  • 10 Year unique container guarantee
  • 2 Year container guarantee
  • Thick container walls
  • Thinner container walls
  • Containers come in matching colours
  • Containers come in different colours
  • UV colour protection
  • No UV colour protection

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